During second week of out thematic unit of "Culture Shock" we will continue to explore authors, inventions and music that changed the world. Take a peek at what exciting topics we will be exploring in each classroom this week.


There are two incredible women authors Fusion kids have the opportunity to explore this week. Check with your Director to see which of these women your child will be "meeting" in the Blue Room this week.

Beatrix Potter: Week 2 will be focused on learning about and experiencing the work of the beloved children’s book author, Beatrix Potter. We will utilize the magical book entitled, "Beatrix Potter, A Journal" to get to knoBeatrix Potter Journalw Beatrix Potter as an author and as a woman who lived during the 1800's. This book is like a treasure hunt with scrawling text and exciting pictures and sketches laid throughout making it an exciting adventure each time it is opened. Children will have an opportunity to sketch as Beatrix Potter did when she was creating her famous characters throughout the week, creating their very own "field notes." Students will also read the famous tale of Peter Rabbit, and learn just what inspired his creation.

Some information about Beatrix Potter: Beatrix Potter was raised in Victorian England and taught at home by governesses. Beatrix loved learning about nature and kept a journal in which she wrote about things in her life as well as sketched things in nature that she observed. Beatrix Potter was a woman ahead of her time, especially since most published authors in the late 1800’s were men. But this did not stop Beatrix Potter. In 1901, she self- published, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and after the 250 copies had quickly sold out, signed on with the publisher Frederick Warne and Co. Beatrix Potter went on to write 22 more books over the next 28 years, ensuring her literary legacy.

JK Rowling: During week 2 students will have the opportunity to meet yet another of the most influential authors of our time. Week 2 will be spent introducing children to the wonderful worlds and mythical creatures created by J.K. Rowling. After exploring quidditch, trolls, Diagon Alley and other magical illusions from JK Rowling students will end the week creating their very own "Harry Potter" story.SorcerersStone

Some information about JK Rowling: Joanne Rowling was born in 1965 in England. During her childhood Joanne would often write and read fantasy stories to her younger sister. The idea for a young boy who attended wizardry school came to her in 1990 while on a delay at a train station. Her main inspiration for the magical world and creatures that fill the Harry Potter series came from a forest she used to live next to as a child. It took Rowling many years to finish writing the story of Harry Potter. It was not until after her mother passed away and she went through a divorce that she finally finished the fir
st manuscript. Joanne Rowling’s agent was the one who suggested she used initials when submitting her book to publishers to avoid the stigma that was placed on female authors. After being rejected by 12 publishers, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone finally got published in 1997. 10 years and 450 million copies later, Harry Potter is one of the best-selling books in history.

Alexander Graham BellGREEN ROOM: Week 2 in the Green Room will focus on yet another famous inventor who changed the world in 1876 with his invention of the telephone: Alexander Graham Bell. Students will not only "meet" this famous inventor and learn about his inventions, but will continue to work in their "Inventing Lab" creating their own unique gizmos and gadgets based on their own perceptions of the world and what sorts of problems they think need to be solved!

Some information on Alexander Graham Bell: Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on March 3rd, 1847. Known as Aleck to his friends and family, Alexander Graham Bell had an interest in experimentation from a very early age, and like his father, he had a particular interest in language and sound. His mother going deaf when he was only ten years of age merely fueled his interest in one day creating something that would help people communicate. Aleck began inventing at an early age, and at the age of eleven Aleck invented a machine that removed husks from grains of wheat. At the age of thirteen, Aleck graduated from high school and moved to London. When he returned to Scotland, Aleck started teaching and studying speech at a local academy. In 1871, Bell’s life eventually brought him to Massachusetts where he taught deaf children in schools. He then he moved on and become a professor at Boston University teaching college students about speech. It was in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell would finally invent something that would forever change the way in which people communicate: the telephone (Time for Kids, 2006).

RED ROOM: During week 2 students will continue on their tour of some of the greatest music eras in history. Week 2 will shift focus to the music of the 1950’s and the birth of rock and roll. During the week your young musicians and dancers will not only listen and dance to music of the rock and roll era, but will also get to know a few of the most famous musicians and singers of that time. Fusion kids will have an opportunity to create art as they listen to the music from this era as well as learn about some of the societal changes that occurred during this time in history.

Elvis-elvis-presley-Some background information on the rock and roll era: There is an ongoing debate between music historians as to when the birth of rock and roll actually occurred. Some will cite it as being as early as the 1930’s while others claim that rock and roll wasn’t truly born” until the 1950’s. If you look at societal changes that influenced music (i.e. technology) you may come to the conclusion that technology and popular culture coincided to produce this new kind of music in 1948 (Rock & Roll). Needless to say, with it rock and roll brought a whole new era of young culture which translated into new styles of dress, dance and speech.

So there you have it! Another exciting week for Fusion Kids everywhere! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We cannot wait to hear about what your Fusion Kids bring home to you this week!