After a SUPER fun week "hanging out" with Dr. Seuss, it's time to start a new thematic unit entitled: The Enticing Stories, Wondrous Creatures and Artistic Components of Make Believe!"

Each classroom will be focusing on a different aspect of make-believe, giving students a complete picture in their minds of just what in this world is considered make-believe. The Blue Room will be exploring the people and stories of make-believe through 4 popular Fairy Tales, the Green Room we will be introducing students to creatures whose existence have always been in question, and the Red Room will be exploring the music of Mozart and the artistic components involved in make-believe. Each week Fusion Kids will create art that is inspired not only by the make-believe creatures they are exploring, but also by the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Students will also have multiple opportunities to participate in pretend play, imagining themselves to be fairies, mermaids and giants!

This week at Fusion Early Learning, Fusion Kids will delve into the world of make-believe. Take a peek at what children will be learning in each classroom this week.


LittleMermaid-SabutaWeek 1 will focus on the famous fairy tale, “The Little Mermaid.” “The Little Mermaid” is a story that has been a part of our culture for generations. It has been adapted and told through a number of different mediums including film, short stories, and (one of the more unique) pop-up books.

The original story of “The Little Mermaid” was written by Hans Christian Anderson (for more details about his life do a quick Google search; many sites will pop up giving you some interesting facts to share with your Fusion Kids should you wish to do so) and published in 1937. The “real” tale of the Little Mermaid is full of dark moments and sorrow. The Disney tale we are all so familiar with does have bits and pieces of the original, but, as you will see with Robert Sabuda’s version, which very closely follows the original tale, the ending is not a traditional happy one.

The book students will be exploring is a magnificent pop-up book, that will engage our young readers and have them excited to listen to the story and experience the wonderful magic that occurs above and below the sea.

Week 1 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Have a good understanding of the story including its origin, characters, setting and main events.
  2. Have recreated each story on their own as “mini-books”, including pictures, with the intention of using it to re-tell the story at home.
  3. Have had the opportunity to sequence the events of the story to further reading comprehension in a hands-on, active approach.



MermaidsThis month in the Green Room students will be introduced to creatures whose existence have always been in question. Each week will run in the same manner, allowing students to be miniature detectives, finding evidence and/or clues that will lead them to their own conclusions of whether or not they believe these creatures are real.

Week 1 will start the month with an investigation into Mermaids. Using the book, “The Secret History of Mermaids” by Ari Berk, Fusion Kids will delve into the magical world of the Merfolk.

Week 1 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Have had the opportunity to learn about and collect evidence about Mermaids.
  2. Have located on a world map the places in which Mermaids are believed to live and where sightings have been made.
  3. Have had the opportunity to discuss and use the scientific process of reviewing evidence to determine whether or not Mermaids are real or make-believe.



Makuchkina Juliya.This month in the Red Room Fusion Kids will have an opportunity to create art inspired by the mystical creatures they will be studying in the Green Room. This art they will create will also be influenced throughout the month by the music one of the most famous composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Red Room will be set up with all the tools will students need throughout the month for their creations (i.e. paper, paint, paintbrushes, watercolor, scissors, glue, sequins, etc.) as well as a section of the room that lends itself to mermaid pretend play (i.e. mirror, fabric, shells, yarn, etc).

Students will explore and learn about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart this month through a "Mozart Station." This station will stay set up throughout the month and will consist of items that students can hold, touch, and learn from. The book, “Mozart the Boy Who Changed the World with His Music,” will be on this station/table, along with pictures, pretend sheet music, and other fun items that will enhance the learning experience for the month.

Week 1 will start the month off with art inspired by Mermaids. There are many artists who create beautiful mermaid masterpieces, like the picture to the left by Makuchkina Juliya. A few of these pictures will be available for viewing to show our budding artists and to inspire the art they will be creating.

Week 1 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Have been introduced to the famous composer, Mozart.
  2. Have created “mermaid art” inspired by the music of Mozart.
  3. Have participated in pretend play inspired by the images and art of mermaids.

And there you have it! Another month of learning and fun has begun at Fusion! Keep in mind that all learning occurs at a level most appropriate for YOUR young learner. No subject matter is too hard for young students to grasp when delivered to them in the FUSION way! Have fun learning this month with your Fusion Kid... and you both can decide whether you believe if the creatures we are exploring are REAL or MAKE-BELIEVE!