At Fusion Early Learning we are having so much fun exploring the amazing worlds of make-believe. This week we will explore a new story, leading us through an investigation into giants, and at the end of the week deciding whether or not we believe that giants are REAL or MAKE-BELIEVE.

Take a look at what is happening in each room at Fusion:


Jackandthebeanstock-graphicWeek 2 in the Blue Room continues our make-believe adventure by transitioning to the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

The story of Jack and his infamous journey up the beanstalk has been around for generations. While this version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” is in a graphic novel format, it is based on Benjamin Tabart’s version of the story from the early 1800s and contains in it all of the nostalgia from our own childhoods.

We will begin week 2 by making adjustments to the Blue Room classroom that will enhance the learning experience of our students. You may see words from the story on the walls of the classroom, a “beanstalk” hanging from the ceiling maybe with a pretend axe nearby, a few golden eggs and a handful of magical beans. These added components in the classroom will all help with students comprehension of and engagement with the story.

In addition to providing our students with alphabet, listening and writing learning opportunities, children will also be working toward the sub-theme objectives.

Week 2 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Have a good understanding of the story including its origin, characters, setting and main events.
  2. Have recreated each story on their own as “mini-books”, including pictures, with the intention of using it to re-tell the story at home.
  3. Have had the opportunity to sequence the events of the story to further reading comprehension in a hands-on, active approach.



GiantsWe will continue our investigation into the creatures of make-believe during week 2 by investigating the world of giants! Since students will be reading the book, “Jack and the Beanstalk” in the Blue Room this week, they will be familiar with giants and the havoc they bring. Our job this week will be to help students discover evidence of giants existence, learn about their habits, and ultimately decide whether or not they believe that giants are an actual part of our world or not.

Week 2 will follow a very similar format to that of week 1. Week 2 will begin with an investigation into Giants. Using the book, “The Secret History of Giants” by Ari Berk, teachers and students will delve into the magical world of the Greatfolk.

In addition to providing our students with number and shape learning opportunities, children will also be working toward the sub-theme objectives.

Week 2 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Have had the opportunity to learn about and collect evidence about Giants.
  2. Have located on a world map the places in which Giants are believed to have lived and where sightings have been made.
  3. Have had the opportunity to discuss and use the scientific process of reviewing evidence to determine whether or not Giants are real or make-believe.


heather-hansenThis week in the Red Room students will have the opportunity to create art inspired by the Giants being studied in the Green Room. Their art will be “larger than life!”

Again our classroom will be set up with all the tools we envision students needing throughout the week for their creations (i.e. paper, paint, paintbrushes, cardboard boxes, clay, popsicle sticks, etc.).

Week 2 will begin by creating art that is inspired by Giants, or is “larger than life.” To give students an idea of what “larger than life” means they will be introduced to artwork that fits this description. One artist, Heather Hansen, creates unbelievably beautiful pieces of artwork using her body. This link will take you to her website where you can watch her produce one of her masterpieces: Heather Hansen (click on "recent work" and then “film”). It will give you an idea of what fusion kids will be experiencing this week.

In addition to providing our students with color learning opportunities (color-wheel, primary vs secondary colors), children will also be working toward the sub-theme objectives.

Week 2 Sub-Theme Objectives:

  1. Continue to become more familiar with the famous composer, Mozart, his life and his music.
  2. Have been introduced to the artist Heather Hansen and have attempted to mimic her style of art.
  3. Have created “larger than life art” inspired by the music of Mozart.

We hope that YOUR fusion kid has an incredible time exploring giants this week! Such a fun and exciting way to learn. As always, please let us know if you have ANY questions or concerns about ANYTHING. We want you and your young learner to have an amazing early learning experience with us.